Disclosure Policy

As a reader of India Inspired Crafts I felt it was important to disclose the following to you:
  • Some of the blog posts may contain affiliate links. This means that I make a small commission (pennies!) if a reader clicks on an item and makes a purchase. I will only link to products I would recommend or actually use and not all linked products will be affiliate links.
  • I endeavor to build an image of complete trustworthiness and we are very honest about the products we buy and recommend.

India Inspired Crafts are not responsible for any information which changes externally of our website, such as on an affiliate link suppliers website.  We are not responsible for any information from our blogs which is used incorrectly on other websites without our consent.

If you would like to use any content from this website we would appreciate it if you would contact us for permission.  If you have any queries regarding our disclosure please contact us.