Feeling reminiscent of 2017 – what a great year for India Inspired Crafts!

2017 was a great year for India Inspired Crafts! For our first year we had a blast!

We started our Etsy shop IndiaInspiredCrafts, it took quite a while to get the hang of using Etsy but with a lot of reading and learning I’m getting there.  We have sold quite a few items and I am so happy with sales so far 🙂 .  Most popular items have been our sari fabric covered notebooks. Not only have we been selling on Etsy but also at local craft fairs which have been great fun.  Here are a few photos:


















We are also so proud to be selling at St. Josephs Tearoom and also at the lovely Purple Pumpkin Patch shop with Sarah.

Our Christmas wrap event for 2017 was also another great success.  We had some great support from the Loughborough Cancer Research UK charity shop, as well as from the Carillon Shopping Centre and Loughborough Town Hall.  This year we raised a fantastic £675 all to go to Cancer Research UK so thank you so much to everyone who came to see us and had your presents wrapped, and to our friends and family for volunteering and helping us out during the two days, THANK YOU!

Here are a couple of photos of us at Christmas Wrap 2017:













This year for 2018 we anticipate to be even better with the Christmas wrap and with India Inspired Crafts.  With the Lord’s blessings we hope for even more success.

We will have even more craft fairs, new items, including the old favourite sari notebooks in new colours and designs.  This year we will also be doing some workshops at the Purple Pumpkin shop so do keep a look out on our facebook page, website and Etsy shop for exciting new happenings!

See you all real soon!

And as always enjoy your crafting 🙂

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