Reuse, recycle – How to make a stylish storage box for your home

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Hi everyone,

So it’s always nice to keep things tidy and in place (although, not always possible).  One simple way to keep your items together, whether it’s for your bathroom, bedroom or craft room, is to have a great storage box.

Here is a great simple way to make your own storage box by reusing a used tissue box.  All you will need to make this is:






Firstly, take the empty tissue box and carefully cut off the top ( the bit where you take the tissues out from).

Next, decide where you would like to start, add a spot of glue and stick on your end of string.

Then it’s just a case of slowly wrapping your string around the box and gluing as you go along.

TIP: keep the string close together, maybe even overlap a little, to make sure you can’t see the tissue box.

When you get to the end cut off the string and glue.  Leave to dry for at least 6- 8 hours.  It is then ready to use where you like.


You can use it in the bathroom to store your loo rolls or toiletries:








or in your craft room or office for your stationery:










Leave me a message and let me know what you used your storage box for.






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