Mandala String Art

Hi everyone,

So what craft projects have you been doing recently?

Today I’m going to show you how to make your very own string artwork for decor around your home, office or craft room.  It takes a bit of time and concentration but is well worth it for the finished item 🙂

1. Gather all your supplies – wooden board, compass ruler, pencil nails hammer, coloured string

2. The wooden board should be an equilateral square and thickness not more than an inch.  Measure and mark the centre of the board.

3. Use a compass to draw a circle leaving a 0.5 – 1 inch border.

4. Mark the places where you want to hammer the nails I left a 1 cm spacing between each point


5. Hammer the nails half way into the wood at each marked point.  This can take time and can be quite boring but be patient it will all be worth it in the end.

6. Select your starting point and wrap the string around the nail and tie a knot.

7. Count the nails you have and create an equilateral triangle wrapping the string around the nails.

8. After making the triangle you will return to the starting point. Skip this nail and go to the next one.

9. Create another triangle by wrapping the string around the nails again.  Continue this half the way around.

10. After you have got half the way round tie a knot to end and pick up your next string colour.  Wrap this colour around the second half of the nails.

11. Create triangles until all your nails are covered. You can overlap some if you would like.

12. If you like make more layers using different colours until you are happy with your design. Enjoy!


I tried again with a different shape, an elephant.  This time instead of filling in the middle section, I filled the background and got this design:


Try and experiment different shapes and designs to see what unique pieces of art you can create 🙂


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