Sari fabric bangle


Hope you are enjoying your bank holiday craft time.

Here is a great way to update some old bangles that you may have that you’ve not worn for a while. I used sari fabric on my bangle but you can use any fabric you like.

To make your fabric bangle, all you will need is:

  • A bangle
  • A strip of fabric approximately 1 -1 ½ inches wide and  1 metre in length (the length will also depend on the size of the bangle)
  • Fabric glue
  • Scissors






Put a spot of glue on the inside of the bangle and stick down one end of the fabric.

Gently wrap the fabric around and through the bangle, keep adding a spot of glue as you go along to keep the fabric in place.  I recommend doing all the glue on the inner side of the bangle to keep it neat on the outside.

Keep wrapping the fabric till you get to the end and secure the end with glue, again on the inside of the bangle.

Leave to dry overnight. ………and then it is then ready to wear.





I hope you enjoyed revamping your bangles.  Share your designs with me here or on India Inspired crafts facebook page I would love to hear from you.





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