Pom pom accessory for your summer handbag


Hope you are well and enjoying your craft projects, and the sun (when it’s out!) 🙂

Here’s a great way to use up some of your small balls of wool left over from other projects, or you could buy new colours if you would like to match your bags.

Pick some colourful wool to make your pom pom charm to brighten up your bags and to stay on trend this summer.

Make four pom poms.  I made mine using some blue and green wool balls I had left and some yellow wool to brighten it all up.  I used a medium pom pom maker to make all four, you could mix up the sizes and make smaller ones if you would like.

I then made some colourful threads so I could attach the pom poms to each of the ends.



I made one as a braid using three strands of wool.






I made a second one using a crochet needle making a long chain, I used a 4mm needle for mine.  I then did a running stitch with blue wool through the chain.





Attach the pom poms to each end by threading through the wool and tying a knot, which can be hidden in the pom pom.



The pom pom charm can then be interchanged for different bags.

I initially made mine for my beach bag.






Then also found that they would look adorable on a shopping bag and a handbag too.














Happy pom pom making 🙂

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