Old sari into something new

Hi everyone,

One of the things I really enjoy doing is using old things that I have and making them into something new.  My mum and I have a lot of sari’s so whilst we were having a bit of a clear out I kept hold of a few for some craft projects.  I wanted to show you just some of the things you could make from an old sari that you still love.

A sari is basically 8 metres of fabric.  So with the beautiful colours and designs on a sari there are tons of things you could make…….the options are endless.

Here is an old picture of me from when I was younger wearing one of my favourite sari’s.

I loved this sari and wore it for years.  I didn’t want to throw the sari away so here are a few things I have made from it’s material:

Firstly, I just loved the pallu (the end of the sari full of design and colour that is worn at the front).  It is a Rajasthani elephant design in colours of crimson and caramel.

I used the pallu to make a scarf:

Sari scarf


I also used some of the main section of the sari to make this kimono style top:

Kimono style top










I still have plenty of material left to use on another project.

So before you throw away your sari have a think about what you might be able to use it for 🙂

Happy sewing!

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