Valentines day – ribbon rose

Hi everyone,

Here’s a quick craft just in time for Valentines day!  I just learnt how to make these ribbon roses and I wanted to share this with 🙂

All you will need is:

  • A piece of wired ribbon 
  • A small piece of wire
  • A button







The length of the ribbon will determine how big your rose will be so use a length you are comfortable with.

Take one end of the ribbon and push the fabric back slightly to start uncovering the wire.  Push the fabric further along so it becomes gathered.  Do this on both ends of the ribbon on the same edge








Next take your button on wire (I cut mine about 20cm long) thread you wire through the button and twist to create a stem.








Then take you ribbon at one end and start to wrap your ribbon around the stem.  You will see the rose start to take shape.  Keep going till you get to the end of your ribbon then twist the ends together *Be careful as the ends of the wire can be sharp* and there you have your finished rose.









Happy Valentines Day!

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