Valentines Day card and garland

Hi Everyone,

I always feel that making a card for someone makes the card feel that much more special.  So for Valentines day I thought I would share with you some simple cards to make.  One is a cut out heart design and the other is in the form of a garland.

To make these card’s you will need:

Valentines card kit


also, not forgetting……Scissors, a pencil



Let’s start with the cut out heart card.

Cut out heart no 1 from the set of Hearts templates

Take your pink card and fold it in half to make a card.

Place the template on top of just the front of the card and draw around it

Then cut out JUST the heart from the middle.  This can be tricky as you want to keep the rest of the card in tact.  Here’s a great little tip to help you do this:

Pierce a hole in the centre with some scissors. Place a rubber or blu tack on the other side to avoid denting your surface.
Then use the hole to help you cut out the heart from the inside outwards.

Next, to make your card pretty on the inside and fancy from the outside you will need your chosen printable sheet.  the the sheet to size to fit inside your card and stick in with some glue.  Now when you close your card you will be able to see the print or colour through the heart shape you cut out.

To finish off you can add some decoration around the heart using your gold pen.  I drew a thorny rose bush on my card.  Here’s my finished card with the heart paper and the red paper so you can see what they will look like. 🙂





Which one do you like best?






Now for the hearts garland:

Firstly, cut out the Hearts templates no.2 &3

Place template 2 on the pink card.  Draw around it six times and cut out the hearts.

Then, place template 3 on the red card. Draw around it six times and cut out the hearts.

Next, stick one red heart on to a pink heart.  You should finish with six hearts layered……… like this:









Then, pierce a hole in each heart just near the V of the red heart.  do this for all six hearts and thread the ribbon through them all.









Once you’ve threaded all the hearts through you can decorate the hearts.  Be creative, use your gold pen again if you like, write a message in each of the hearts, scribe Happy Valentines Day on the hearts.  Make the garland unique for you and the person you want to give it to.

I wrote on my hearts and decorated them with some silver heart sequins.












Let me know what you think of these Valentines Day crafts.  Until next time Happy Crafting! 🙂


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