Sari top

Old sari into something new

Hi everyone, One of the things I really enjoy doing is using old things that I have and making them into something new.  My mum and I have a lot of sari’s so whilst we were having a bit of a clear out I kept hold of a few for some craft projects.  I wanted Read More

Flower card

Colourful Flower Card

(This post contains affiliate links, please see the disclosure policy for more details.) Hi everyone, I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I thought I would show you a simple card craft that you can have a go at making. Now that we are well into the New Year our family & friends will be Read More

finished garland

Valentines Day card and garland

Hi Everyone, I always feel that making a card for someone makes the card feel that much more special.  So for Valentines day I thought I would share with you some simple cards to make.  One is a cut out heart design and the other is in the form of a garland. To make these card’s Read More