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Hey everyone,

So if you are like me and you struggle to find a gift for someone special that has everything then you may like this idea.  Also, with valentines day coming up this is a great little gift handmade by you 🙂

I like being creative turning something old into something new and this seemed like the perfect opportunity! using items we have but may no longer use to create something new (reduce, reuse and recycle)  🙂

My husband Wayne has a lot of ties that he doesn’t wear at work anymore, so I figured I could put them to good use (I did make doubly sure he didn’t want them and he was adamant “do whatever you want with them my love”! – so I did).

So after some thinking I decided to turn one of them into a phone case for him 🙂  (His old one was literally falling to pieces!)

Firstly I measured the phone next to the tie.  If you turned the tie around you will see there is an opening, this is where the phone will go into.  Check the phone fits inside the tie.  If not see if you have a wider tie, alternatively you can completely undo the back of the tie and sew it back up according to the width.  Most ties have extra material so you should be able to do this.

All you need to do is cut about 2cm lower than the phone leaving enough space to sew.  Then turn inside out and sew.  You can machine or hand sew the bottom using a straight stitch.

Then for the finishing touches……… I put some Velcro in as a fastener and I also added an embellishment to the front as Wayne likes aircrafts.

Hope you enjoy making your phone cover 🙂

These can be great as gifts for anytime, Birthdays, Easter, Christmas!

Here are some pictures of my finished phone case:













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  1. The fancy clothes that we are using is for the covers of the phone case and it is for the benefits of our mobile phone. Thanks for this great article.

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