Decorated Stone Art

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Hi everyone,

So today I’m going to show you how to decorate stones and make them into a piece of your own creative artwork!

Have you seen all the beautiful stone designs? If  not have a look on my pinterest page for some ideas.

I decided to have a go with putting a design on to a stone using sharpie pens.  There are lots out there that are hand painted, so I wanted to experiment and try something a bit different.

I found that the darker shades of the sharpie pens worked better than the lighter colours.  The darker shades stood out more when on the stones.

All you need for this is:


Make sure you wash your stones and leave them to dry completely before applying your design.

Then either free hand draw your design straight onto the stone (if your confident enough) or like me practice the design on paper first so you get it just right.

I wanted to keep in with the India Inspired theme and so I drew some mendhi designs on mine. Here’s my finished stone:

Decorated stone with Indian designs

I’m really happy with the final design, and I hope you enjoy making yours too.

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