Wet Felting for the first time!

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Hi everyone,

Hope you are all enjoying the New Year so far.

As I have mentioned before I enjoy attending craft classes to learn new skills and socialise with fellow crafters.  I recently attended a class with Crafty Hive where I learnt about wet felting and how to make a felt pod.

Wet felting is an ancient craft done by creating layers using wool fibres and warm soapy water.  The wool fibres need to be kept warm using friction and warm water.  This enables the wet felt to bind and allows it to be shaped and moulded.

I was intrigued as to how in a couple of hours I was going to be able to make a felt pod out of a ball of gotland wool fibre (like the one shown below).

Gotland wool

I learnt about the techniques used such as pulling the tufts of wool gently and creating layers, keeping the wool wet, warm and soapy, and rolling it tightly in a bamboo mat to bind the fibres.

I don’t have any photos of the process during the class as I was busy making my pod and my hands were very wet throughout the whole afternoon! Below is a photo of all the pods that were made during the class (mine’s is the one slightly hidden at the back). 🙂

Wet felting pods class

And here’s my pod after leaving it to dry in a warm room for a couple of days.

I wanted to add some Indian Inspired touches to my pod so I collected together a variety of embellishments including threads and sequins to decorate and finish my pod.  Here’s my finished pod which now take pride of place in our home.

I would like to do more wet felting and also try felting using felting needles, so keep posted for my future blogs.  Next time I will try and remember to take photos of the process so that you can follow them.

Happy crafting! 🙂

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