Christmas Eve box

Have you ever made a Christmas Eve box?  They are great fun!

They are so great because even if you are the one making it, you can still take part in enjoying it with the whole family!

I am in the process of making one now for us to enjoy, but I can’t give too much away as it will spoil it.  So instead I’m going to give you some ideas for making one of your own.  So here goes…..

First of all you’ll need a special box.  Here’s our Christmas Eve box:


It can be a gift box, a basket, a wooden crate, a box wrapped in Christmas paper, anything you like, just make it special.  It can then be used every year and you can make it into one of your treasured Christmas traditions.

Then its the fun part……… filling it with your goodies 🙂  It can be intended with someone special in mind or something for everyone to enjoy.  The main thing to remember is make if FUN!!

Here are some ideas of what you could fill your box with:






Use your imagination, be creative and have fun!

Here are more ideas of what you could make:

  • An activity box for the kids with colouring sheets, crayons, word puzzles
  • Christmas crafts kit for the family to enjoy together
  • Hot chocolate, marshmallows mugs and cookies

……you could even include a letter from Santa.

The Christmas Eve Box has become one of my favourite holiday traditions.  I hope you enjoy making and enjoying yours.




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