Applique Christmas Cards

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You can’t have Christmas without cards to share with your family and friends.

This year I’ve decided to make some sewn applique cards using machine embroidery.  I’ve not done much machine embroidery before but I’ve been reading up about them and the creations are truly amazing, so I just had to give it a go.

I don’t have a fancy computerised sewing machine that does hundreds of different stitches, but I used my imagination and creativity to use my sewing machine to create my own designs.

To make these all you will need is:

Iron the fabric onto the bondaweb paper and cut out your shapes (e.g. a tree).  Arrange you pieces onto another backing fabric and iron on.  Then be creative a sew around the edges, across the middle until you are happy with your design.  Cut out the main fabric and use fray edge glue to stop the edges from fraying.  Then its ready to be stuck onto your card and finish decorating.


* Be careful: test your glue on a scrap bit of fabric before using it on you applique.  I used a fabric craft glue.  I thought as it said it would dry clear and can be used on all fabrics it would be ok but it wasn’t 🙁  It left blobs of dried glue on it. I may try and cover this with glitter if I can….

After further experimenting a creativity I created the following Christmas cards.  For these cards I used prit stick glue which worked perfectly! 🙂 I think I managed to cover up the blobs pretty well.

Christmas tree card
Present card










Stocking card
Snowflake card










Enjoy making your cards!


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