I’ve been beginning to think about Christmas! Can you believe it there’s only 6 weeks to go!

So to get into the Christmas spirit and also a nice craft to get into with it starting to get cold and frosty – snowflakes!!

This is a lovely bead craft you can make.  Each one can be unique (as all snowflakes are).

All you will need is:

Clear beads of your choice.  I used starflake beads and round crystal beads you should be able to get these from any good craft store.

White pipe cleaners




A piece of thread or a bauble hook so you can hang you snowflake on your tree.



Firstly, arrange your beads in a pattern you like ( or you are welcome to use mine 🙂 )  I bought my beads last year when I made some of these as gifts.  I still have beads left and so thought it would a nice craft to share.

Get one of your rounded beads and twist the wire around. Then thread through a star bead.

Attach the pipe cleaner, then take the wire through to the otherside and attach the beads.

snowflake first beads

Thread beads through the strands of the pip cleaner according to your design.  This where having them laid out in advance is convenient.


At each end glue the last bead in so that it doesn’t come undone and the beads don’t fall off.

With the wire make a little bend like a hook or use a bauble hook to put it on your Christmas tree.

Finished snowflakes

Be creative and make your unique snowflakes 🙂

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