Lino block cutting & printing


I hope you are all well and enjoying your hobbies and crafts.  As well as making my own crafts I also like to learn new craft skills.  I recently attended a Crafty Hive workshop where I learnt how to create, cut and print using lino blocks.

For the class we used lino blocks and cutting tools.  We were given various books, pictures etc to get ideas from or to use to create our blocks.

I wanted to be extra creative and so I designed my own.  One is a floral design and the second is a paisley design.

We learnt about positive and negative cutting to create layers when printing and also to give the ability to use more than one colour.  I attempted to cut the paisley design as a positive and negative but it didn’t go exactly as planned as I got the alignment slight out of place and so they don’t print on top of each other exactly, which I was a little disappointed with 🙁 .

Paisley – positive and negative

I was over the moon with the designs individually so they still look great.

I am really happy with the little floral leaf design and the print is pretty cool too 🙂

Floral design

I’m now going to use this skill I have learnt to create more blocks to print with and the great thing about them is they are all unique as that are my own designs. The possibilities are endless………

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