Diwali – Rangoli design

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Rangoli patterns are a significant symbol during Diwali representing bright colours and light over darkness.

They are patterns made using coloured powders and usually done on the doorstep to welcome visitors to your home during this time.  Sadly, in the UK it is difficult to have these beautiful designs on the outside as they will soon very easily be blown or washed away by the autumnal weather, and so we have to be creative in how we do this.

Ever since I was a little girl my mum has made these beautiful rangoli designs on a plate (thali).  She is so talented and I have always been amazed by how elegantly she created her designs.  She always drew and cut out her own stencils each time and used various coloured powders to create her designs.

Here is one of mum’s designs. (Apologies for the picture quality…it was taken using a phone as I didn’t have my camera with me 🙁 but its ok).

Rangoli design by mum

I wanted to create my own rangoli pattern using coloured chalk and blank white paper sheets.

Chalk & paper

I then filled in the design with chalk blending the colours in by gently rubbing with my finger.

Here’s my finished rangoli pattern.

Rangoli Pattern

Enjoy designing and making your own rangoli patterns, and Happy Diwali!

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