Herd of Sheffield – exploration

Sheffield Herd of Elephants

Let’s go and explore!!

My husband and I like to explore towns, cities, villages to see what we can find, so we thought we would take a day off work (22nd September 2016) and go and explore Sheffield.  This may not be exciting for many of you (especially if you live there – grass is always greener on the other side….) but we like venturing out into new places that we haven’t been to  so we went along for the trip.  Also, the Herd of Sheffield elephants are around at the moment and having a huge love for the lovely animals I had to make a time to go and see them!

Here’s the Herd of Sheffield map (all the blue spots with numbers are the main elephants and the pink spots are where the little calf elephants are located:

So I printed out my map and we were all ready for the day to go exploring (although on our drive to Sheffield I had realised that I had left the map pinned on the notice board at home 🙁  ).

We parked at Sheffield Meadowhall Shopping centre and then took the tram to the city centre where most of the elephants were around.  The tram journey was great and we got talking to the conductor who advised us on the best place to stop and things to see, including the Herd of Elephants.

We got off at Sheffield Cathedral the oldest building in Sheffield which is still being used daily for prayer and various events and activities.  This is where we found our first elephant! (me still wishing I had a map to find the rest and not left it at home!).  We went into the Cathedral to take a look around.  The stain glass images were beautiful and we went round reading the scripture on them.  We spotted a sign saying they had maps for the Herd of Elephants so we left a donation and picked up a map 🙂 YAY!!!!!!!

Here’s the first elephant we spotted outside the Cathedral:

Izzy outside cathedral

So why are the elephants around Sheffield?

Well, they are there to help raise funds for the Sheffield Children’s hospital.   All funds raised are going toward the Artfelt programme which helps to bring colour and bright art to the walls and space around the hospital.  The elephant sculptures have been decorated by various artists and the little calf elephants have been decorated by local schools.

The elephants are around at various locations and on display until the 5th of October 2016 and then there is a farewell weekend 14-16th October 2016 at Meadowhall, so go see them if you haven’t already they are great!  The elephants are then going to be auctioned on 20th October 2016.

Here are some of the elephants we saw:

Stamping Elegance, Gulal Grafitti, Sheffield Summer, Heart
Elements of Summer, Waffles & Timothea Peake, Interst-elephant, Skywalker

We went round in circles a bit looking for two of them…we then asked at the information centre where a lady told us the they had been damaged and have been taken away to be repaired.  I find it sad that someone would do something like that, but at least majority of people were there to enjoy them.

We explored the city and found the Winter garden, Peace gardens, art gallery and museum.  To top it off the weather was like a glorious summer’s day.….and what a lovely day it was.

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