Elephant decoration

Elephant wall decoration

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Hi everyone, I thought I would show you a great sewing project I recently made.  I love elephants! So I wanted to make a wall hanging for decoration in our living room.  I’m sure you will admit that these look very colourful and cute!!  It’s so rewarding to make something yourself either as a gift or for you to enjoy!

This is a great way to use up any small bits of material and beads you might have left from other projects, or you can buy them using the affiliate links below. So have a look round and see what you can find : )

All you need is:






So here we go!  Step-by-step instructions for your elephants:

Place and pin the template on the material and trace around the elephant shape.  Cut two elephants in each colour.  Remember to have them facing in opposite directions like below so they match up correctly when sewing with the right side of the fabric on the outside.

Elephant template


Sew around the elephant on the wrong side, you can use a sewing machine or hand sew whichever you prefer.  Leave a gap for the stuffing to go into.  Turn right side out. I sewed all four of my elephants first then decorated them.

Choose which beads or sequins you would like to use to decorate the elephants.  Sew the sequins onto your little lovely : )  Stuff the elephant with toy stuffing and sew up the gap.  Do the same with all the elephants.  Have fun, be creative!

Sewn elephant


To complete your wall hanging, cut a length (about 1 metre) of wire, mind you don’t cut your fingers on it! Arrange your beads and elephants alternately according to how you would like them.  Thread the beads and elephants through the wire and make sure the wire goes through the centre of the elephant otherwise your hanging won’t be balanced.  Twist top of wire to finish.

Enjoy! 🙂 you can hang your little elephants up where ever you like.  Mines are in the living room, and they look very happy there too.

Elephant wall hanging
Elephant wall hanging

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