Fabulous Fabric notebook cover

I adore my stationery…..everything from pens & pencils to colourful post-it notes of all shapes and sizes ( you can never have enough post-it notes!) and not forgetting my secret stash of notebooks! waiting to be used for a new project or blogging ideas and craft makes. 🙂

So, I had a plain black covered notebook which I decided to make into something more special.  I took some beautiful fabric, reusing one of my old Indian outfits, and used it to make a notebook cover.

Firstly, measure your notebook.  I fully opened my notebook laying it on the fabric I added 2.5cm to the top and bottom of the fabric, and 20 cm to the two sides.  This will allow for seam allowance and the flaps for the cover to go in.

I sewed a seam at each end:

Then, with the fabric on the wrong side I sewed the top and bottom to create the two flaps:

Turn the cover right side out then insert your notebook.  Simple hey?!  and there you have it your beautiful notebook cover.

Fabric notebook
Fabric notebook

I added a little extra to mine using a pretty motif i had which i stuck to the front.  I then used the same technique to make a cover for an A4 ringbinder

Fabric notebook and ring binder folder
Fabric notebook and ring binder folder



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