Pom pom jewellery

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Apologies for the delay in uploading today’s blog post.  I was outside enjoying the last of the summer sun on a lovely August bank holiday 🙂

Pom poms are so colourful and are just so cute!  You would normally see pompoms in the winter on a cute bobble hat or a scarf, but they have also become popular in the summer too on accessories and clothing, like my purple pom pom bag.

Have you seen all the pom pom and tassels accessories around? if not where have you been??

I just can’t get enough of them.  I’ve recently came across some beautiful jewellery trending on Pinterest.  You can find some of these on my India Inspired jewellery pinterest board.  This beautiful jewellery has inspired me to make some of my own.

I came up with some designs and then with a little trial and error…I made the following pieces.

I used some old earrings I have.  The diamante had already come off one of them which I had lost 🙁 so I took off the other one and stuck little pom poms on the ends. Creating these:

Green pom pom stud earrings
Green pom pom stud earrings

I also had a go at making some hoop earrings.

Yellow hoop earrings
Yellow hoop earrings

I made these stud earrings and hoop earrings use pom poms I had bought from my local Hobbycraft store. Here’s the link if you would like to buy some pom poms.  I also used these pom poms to brighten up an bangle I have.  I stuck on red, yellow and blue pom poms.  Looks pretty cute don’t you think?

Pom pom bangle
Pom pom bangle

I wanted to make a pom pom necklace inspired by this pom pom necklace design.  So I started making some of my own pom poms with wool I have. Firstly, I made one using my small pom pom maker.  These pom poms were a little too big for what I wanted so I made some smaller ones using a fork! Here’s how to make your pom poms using a fork:

How to make a pom pom

I made three pom poms, threaded some wool through them attaching the chain at either end. I then attached a beautiful heart pendent on to the middle pom pom:

Pom pom necklace
Pom pom necklace

You could add pom poms to a necklace you already have to spruce it up and bring it on trend.

The accessorizing with pom poms is endless.  You can even make hair clips and bobbles….and the list goes on.  Keep a look out on future blogs for these.

Pom poms can brighten up any day rain or shine!

Happy pom pom making 🙂


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