Owl Cushion

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These owl cushions are really cute.  I brought one from a craft fair a few months ago for a friend.  I then had the urge to have a go at making one myself……so I did!

These owls are so fun to make and they are great as gifts.  Using the same template you can make lots of different owls with their own personality 🙂  I used some Indian patterned scrap fabric and pom-poms to decorate my owl.

I drew out a pattern template and I have attached them for you to use to make your owl:
Owl template body (print this on A3)
Owl template eyes, beak and wings (print this on A4)

Feel free to make larger or smaller patterns to determine the size of the owl you would like to make.

This is a great little project to make using up your bits of material you may have left.  So gather together your fabrics, trimmings and buttons and just use your imagination to create your owl.

I used some wooden buttons on my owl, here’s the link.

*Top tip: once you have cut out your fabric lay out your pieces first before sewing to ensure you are happy with it.  This will also give you an idea of what your final product will look like.

Use your imagination and be creative and just enjoy creating your owl.  I used my sewing machine to do a satin stitch around the eyes of the owl, but then I also did some hand sewing.

Here’s my finished owl.  He now sits happily on my sofa at home!  Share yours with me. I would love to see your creations.

Owl cushion
Owl cushion


Happy sewing!

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