World Elephant Day – 12th August 2016

Decorated Indian elephant

I love elephants!!  They have been my favourite animal for as long as I can remember.  Not just because the elephant is part of Indian culture but I love that they are the are a “gentle giant”.  They are loving and caring in their social groups but also strong and defensive when they need to be.

Elephants are a significant part of Indian culture and symbolise reliability, strength, stability and patience.  They are the largest land animals on earth known for their trunks, tusks and ears.   Although elephants have such wonderful, large flapping ears they also use their feet to listen.  They feel the vibrations under their feet.

Led by the matriarch for the group, elephants are social, playful animals and like to hug using their trunks.  Elephants have a vital part in the eco-system that many people are unaware of, such as being able to modify woodlands and savannah into grasslands, and digging holes in dry river beds for water using their tusks.  The elephants tusks are its incisor teeth that they use for digging, lifting and to defend themselves.

They are mainly found in parts of Asia and Africa although numbers are declining.  Currently, the largest threat to elephants is poaching to supply the highly illegal ivory trade.

Support elephants everywhere by being part of World Elephant Day

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